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Music video I directed, shot and edited for Aerial East's beautiful single "FOG" off her EP Shoreline Gold.

"where passion, madness, love, death and sex coexist in the most heart wrenching way" - The Deli Music Blog

"Reverie" - feature

"Reverie" is a feature-length comedy that I directed, edited and co-wrote. It was recently completed and is currently being sent out to film festivals around the world. Check out the reverie website for more info.

Synopsis: An awkward young man named Paul has just converted the spare bedroom of his New York apartment into a B&B. As his first guest, he welcomes Serena, an aspiring actress/singer from France hoping to “make it” in the States. As the two of them work through their daily struggles and dreams, they find an unlikely solace in the moments that they share. As their connection develops and Serena continues to face professional rejection, they must confront her potential return to France.

Spectral - Experimental Short

This is an excerpt from my recent short experimental film.

"An ethereal presence dwells within an abandoned 19th century textile mill. The mill, built in the 1830’s, employed over 800 people, at one time becoming the epicenter of the small town built around it. Over it’s 170-year history of prosperity, tragedy and abandonment, this apparition has thrived. Through cinematic language and butoh movement, we seek to capture this elusive quality as it moves amidst the crumbling walls and overgrown flora."

Butoh performance by Vangeline.